1. What is Freedom2collect

    The website is an online store with sellers from around the world. Anyone can sell/auction their collectables. With other sites starting to remove us, this will be the best place for the hobby. Our prices are way lower than competitors websites. We will be donating proceeds of the memberships to veterans organisations. That will all be publicly shared. For now, the site is free for anyone to use.… Read more.

  2. If i decide to cancel my subscription will i get a refund of the remainder of the time i had left?

    The answer to this is no. By opting into either plan you agree to pay for a whole month/year. If you at the end the end if your agreed membership and would like to cancel it is easy. However, we hope that you would decide to stick around.  Read more.

  3. How does the auction house work?

    The auction house is functions through members that would rather auction an item then list it for a set price. Its an informal process of the item being listed for a set amount of hours chosen by the seller. The bids go directly into the comment section of the post. When the Timer on the auction hits "0" the auction ends. It is solely up to the seller to message the winner and finish out the… Read more.

  4. Rumor has it of a mobile app in the works?

    The mobile app... When Freedom2collect just started our goal was to have a mobile app on Android/iOS. However, Google marketplace and the Apple store would not allow our mobile app to be published in their virtual stores. We even tried to go the route of having a third party have our app in their virtual store. It's not possible, unless you know how to "jailbreak" your phone/tablet. We would not… Read more.

  5. If i know an item is fake can i comment on it?

    Please do, If you are 100% sure an item is fake. However, please state your reasoning behind what you said. Try and be helpful and not tear the seller down. We all make mistakes. The seller could be learning their item they paid $5,000 for is a reproduction. Read more.

  6. What should i do if i was scammed?

    Contact us immediately. We ONLY recommend paying with PayPal and using the goods and services option. If you used goods and services PayPal will open an investigation and you have a chance to get back your money. We will also try to contact the seller and fix the issue to the best of my abilities.  Read more.

  7. Im having problems logging in. What is going on?

    The email and password at login are both "case sensitive". We have also seen where phones put a space in front of the email during the login process. Take a second to see if either of those are the issue. If not please don't hesitate to email us. We can reset your password through a security check internally. Read more.

  8. Where does the money for my membership go?

    First, the small cost of the memberships goes to the website. Maintenance, domain name, storage for all the ads/profiles/information.Second, as we grow we would like to donate to veteran organizations around the world. We are even trying to figure out a way to get out in public and get younger men/women more involved in the hobby.Third, Back to the family of members, we have here. More details… Read more.