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This is what I would call a "co-production" -- a legitimate period piece made with parts from more than one jeweler Wagner and J. Godet. Wagner was the main supplier of the RAO (also the KO, and the PLM -- basically all the major Prussian Orders). J. Godet was primarily a supplier of high-end private-purchase duplicates and miniatures -- they were the supplier for high-end luxury orders. Their PLMs, for example, were only purchase-types, never awarded. Your cross has a body (the main cross) by Wagner, but the swords are very typical Godet style. My guess is that it is a luxury duplicate type from during or directly after WWI. There would not have been a great demand for these, given the low award numbers, so perhaps Godet did not manufacture them from scratch. This is just an educated guess on my part, but I suspect that someone wealthy or important would have ordered a duplicate piece in gold from Godet (all awarded pieces from after Nov. 1916 would have been made in silver-gilt). Godet may have bought the cross from Wagner and added their own swords, as Godet did manufacture swords for other small orders like the KO4X. This is what I would call a "co-production" -- a legitimate period piece made with parts from more than one jeweler. It was extremely common, for example, for different makers to share things like cores or pins from EKs -- this was especially true among jewelers located in Berlin, where Godet and Wagner were both located. - $3500

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