Price : $3,500.00 Gary Tovey
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I am selling this beautiful DKIG produced by CF Zimmerman.

It is the Heavy type cross and marked number 20 on the central underside of the pin.

This cross displays all the characteristics of a Zimmerman heavy version this includes the flaw on the star burst and flaw on the numeral number nine.

The DKiG weights 68 gr on my kitchen scale and measures nearly 63 x 63. Apart from being dirty there are no flake chips on the enamel of the swastika and no obvious signs of damage, see pictures..

The silver disc has tarnished slightly through the years and the wreath is no longer sparkly. It has aged well with an excellent patina

The typical donuts rivets are present on the rear and the hook and pin set up are as one would expect for this maker.

The cross is clearly marked number 20 and the style of stamping and the numerals are correct.

The DKiG would possibly benefit from a light cleaning but that would be for the new owner to decide. I like the patina. It was displayed for about 12 years in a cabinet then packed in a box.

The heavy version are a harder to find these days and generally more sought after than the light version which were produced later in the war and I am selling this below the price for a heavy or light for that matter.

The case is the original that i purchased with the cross quite a few years ago now and has some scuffs etc. Both present very well.

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