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Free Trade Unions in Germany were dissolved when the Nazis came to power in 1933, their members being absorbed into the newly created DAF, "Deutsche Arbeitsfront" (German Labor-front). The DAF was originally a sub-section of the NSDAP, but became an affiliated organization by 1936, and was the largest of all of the various Nazi organizations. The stated aims of the DAF were to create a national community of German professional and manual laborers, and to educate them in National Socialist principles. Membership was voluntary, but most workers chose to join to take advantage of the entertainment, sport, and travel opportunities provided by the attached KdF, "Kraft durch Freude" (Strength through Joy), welfare organization. The visor is in good condition but shows somewhere and has some dust on it they I have been trying to take off, the front piece has seen some use on it but is in good condition, the inside of the visor is in mint condition with the RZM tag intact. Price: $ 230 Domestic Shipping will be $17 (Priority Mail)  For international shipping, please do contact me it will be $35 Thank you for looking,  Peter Batalas

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