Price : $5,600.00 Steve Zeigler

Original German Army General Schirmmuetze (service cap) produced by EREL, size 56 1/2. It has been in my collection since 1968; previous to that it had been in the possession of its "liberator". This appears by construction, to be an EREL PRIVAT; unfortunately the sweat diamond is missing. Typical "EREL PATENT STIRNSCHUTZ" embossed in the leather sweatband.

This particular cap has the gilt insignia authorized in 1943. I believe that the original owner changed out the standard aluminum eagle and cockade with the gilt insignia, as faint traces of a two prong eagle appear to be on the cap behind the gilt center vertical needle (prong) eagle by Assmann & Soehne. The needle has been repaired, a wartime repair, as far as I have been able to ascertain. The aluminum eagle may be a Kriegsmarine replacement based on the vertical single needle configuration, and the 1941 date. The quality of the gilt is exceptional. I can only assume that the wreath and cockade are Original, also. I have never removed it. Mine is the only collection in which it has ever resided. The piping is celleon throughout and very well finished. Likewise, the chin cord is celleon. The two side buttons are gilt and marked with "RZM M5/102 (Gebr. Gloerfeld G.m.b.H., Luedenscheid), a producer of metal uniform accessories. While it is unusual to find RZM coded items on Heer items, it is not unheard of. The overall patina of the buttons is consistent with the cap. This cap has been vetted on several online forums, and by several advanced vendors.

The fabric is wool doeskin, and is almost flawless. Only two minor moth nips,almost unnoticeable, are in the unfold of the crown on the left side. There is virtually no fading to the fabric. The major flaw with the cap is the black Vulkan visor. It has either been improperly stored or it was painted over in an attempt to cover a flaw. The condition and crazing leads me to believe that it was done prior to 8 May 1945, and the general's batman probably was reassigned to the Eastern Front. The price reflects this flaw.

Additional pictures on request.
Shipping included to US address.

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