Our mission is to give our community the power to grow, sustain, and teach the history of the world's wars of the brave men and women who fought for their lives as troops or civilians. To help with this mission, we are growing this service around our communities needs. Below is what we have begun to offer:

We do our best to connect you with people and areas you care about most. In our group area, you are able to see subcategories of where your interest may be.

Freedom2collect encourages you to share your knowledge and show your personal collections. Our collections are priceless. Without collectors, our collections would be worthless. We ask you not to be humble, we ask you to help our community by helping all of us collectors grow a better reputation in the eyes of the public for the future of our hobby. 

Freedom2collect will only grow if our community is friendly. We will not tolerate harmful conduct to our members here. Any misuse of Freedom2collect can forfeit your membership and leave your account banned.

Collaborate with others and let us know what we can do better to make Freedom2collect better.

If you come across any "bugs" let us know immediately so they can be fixed.