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By Branch


Armbands - Buckles - Honor AwardNurse BadgeRed Cross Award - Sisters CrossSocial Welfare Decoration - Student Badge


Armbands - Breast Eagle - Buckles - Cap Insignia - Close Combat Clasps - Daggers - Flak Badge - Gorgets - Helmet Decals - Helmet Insignia (Pith) - Honor Roll Clasp - Infantry Assault Badges - Long Service Award - Paratrooper Badge - Shooting Lanyards - Standard Bearer Insignia - Sports Shirt Insignia - Trade Insignia

Hitler Youth

Armbands - Breast Eagle - BucklesDaggerDiamond Insignia - Former Hitler Youth SS Sleeve InsigniaProficiency Badge 


Auxiliary Cruiser War Badge - Blockade Runner BadgeBreast Eagle - Buckles - Cap Insignia - Coastal Artillery BadgeDaggers - Destroyer War Badge - E-Boat BadgeHigh Seas Fleet BadgeHonor Roll Clasp - Mine Sweeper Badges - Pith Helmet InsigniaS-Boat BadgeSports ShirtTrade Insignia - U-Boat Badge


Air Gunner Radio Operator BadgeAir to Ground Support ClaspBomber Clasps - Breast Eagles - BucklesCap Insignia - Claps (All)Collar TabsCufftitles - DaggersFlak Badge - GogglesGravity KnifeGround Assault Badge - Helmet DecalsHonor Roll Clasp - Observers Badge - Paratrooper BadgePilots BadgeRecon Clasps - Shooting LanyardShort Range Clasps - Sports Shirt InsigniaStandard Bearer InsigniaTrade InsigniaTransport Clasps


Armbands - BucklesCap Insignia - Flagpole Toppers - GorgetsLong Service Awards - Party BadgesParty Pins - PennantsWall Eagles 


Buckles - Daggers - Helmet Eagle - Motorcycle GogglesSleeve Insignia - Vehicle Pennant


Breast Eagle - Cap Insignia - Collar TabPanzer Assault Badge - Tab Skull 


Armbands - Buckles - Cap Insignia - Gorgets - Helmet Decal - Shacko EagleSleeve Insignia


Armbands - Buckles - Daggers - Gorgets - Pennants - Sports Badge - Sports Shirt Insignia


Armband - Breast Insignia - BucklesCap Insignia - Collar Tabs - CufftitlesDaggersEdelweiss - GorgetHelmet Decals - Helmet Insignia (Pith)Long Service Awards - Sleeve DiamondsSleeve Insignia - Sleeve ShieldsSports Shirt Insignia


Ostvolk Medal - Sleeve ShieldSpanish Volunteer Medal 

By Maker

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All Decorations

Awards, Medal, Badge, Cross, Clasp

All Equipment 

Buckle - Dagger - Flagpole Topper - Gorget - Goggles

All Cloth & Insignia

Collar Tab, Luftwaffe Collar TabSleeve, Cufftitle, Armband, Shield, Cap Insignia, Breast Eagle, Trade Insignia, Sports Shirt

Helmet Decals, Pith Helmet

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