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Kriegsabzeichen für Minensuch-, U-Boot-Jagd- und Sicherungsverbände

Established - 31 August 1940 by Grand Admiral Erich Raeder

Criteria ("-" Equals "or") - The candidate had completed at least three missions - Wounded during a mission - Ship sunk due to enemy actions - Participated in a successful mission - shown "stand out" conduct in his duties over a six-months - Completion of a dangerous mission in a mined area - Served on escort duty for 25+ days.

Makers Listed Below - 1st Variation Schwerin - Assmann - 1st Variation "8Wave" Rudolf A Karneth - Horizontal Pin Deumer - Deumer - Paul Meybauer - Unknown 6 Karneth Design - 4th Variation Deumer - 2nd Variation Foerster & Barth - Deumer - Unmarked - Adolf Scholze (A.S.) - 2nd Variation "8Wave" R. Karneth - Steinhauer and Luck

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