The Luftwaffe Honor Roll Clasp was awarded to members of the Luftwaffe who had once again proven further extraordinary personal bravery in combat and had previously been awarded the 1st Class Iron Cross. It is constructed of a die stamped tombak base that has been gold fire gilded with polished highlights and covered in a protective lacquer coating. The round shaped obverse features a centrally placed Luftwaffe open winged eagle clutching a mobile swastika in its talons surrounded by an oak leaf and acorn wreath. The hollow back reverse shows a four flatwire prongs that tightly secure it to 11 ¼ inches of the correct red, white and black rayon 2nd Class Iron Cross ribbon, which shows minor soilage. The highlights and details are beautiful! The award measures 1 inch in diameter. The award comes housed in its original minty case. The case is constructed out of wood and pressed cardboard, with a simulated, grained, black leather covering. The top is a pressed rectangular border. The back has a steel staggered piano hinge, which continues to function well. The interior top is lined in blue fibrous felt and has an underlying pad. The removable bottom interior of the case is wood based and covered in blue fibrous felt and underside white glued on paper. There is a blue rayon loop to the top right hand corner which allows for easy removal. The case measures approximately 3 7/8 inches long by 2 5/8 inches wide by 7/8 inches tall. - Lakesidetrader

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