about a year ago

My Introduction

Hey everyone, 
I have been collecting for a few years now. My old friend actually got me addicted to this hobby when I was on a MEU with the United States Marine Corps. He gave me a Rally pin with Hitler's head on it and it has been a rabbit hole since that day. I collect a bit of everything. I have a few German Daggers, Helmets, and a decent (small) selection of combat awards.
I have been trying to refocus a bit of my collection and have been looking to add a bit of Marine Corps history into my personal museum. 
Here is how I decorate the only room in my house where I am the one who makes the rules. :)
(I have a bit more.. A selection of American uniforms I have stored in my closet for now. I hope to be getting a bigger room in a few months when I buy a house.)