SDVS30 intelligent optical feeding parts sorting controller is a general-purpose product for automatic material sorting applications. It integrates two optical fiber amplifiers, two air throttle valves, two sensor ports and two DC control output ports.
Based on optical fiber sensor recorded luminance differences between the feeding parts to be passed and to be rejected, the air stream generated by the air valve will blow off the abnormal material to achieve material sorting.
SDVS30 meets most two-stage sorting requirements. Compared with separated optical fiber amplifier and air valve sorting solutions, our innovative controller has obvious price/performance advantage.It can work in collaboration with our SDVC series vibratory feeder controllers in ways of power supply and signal input & output connections to form a total material feeding and sorting solution.
1)Dual independent optical fiber amplifiers and dual air valves sortingsystem锛?/p>
2)Sunlight and incandescent light immune optical fiber amplifiers锛?/p>
3)Auto generated dual threshold values can eliminate the influence of background luminance锛?/p>
4)Alarm signal output upon blow off failure锛?/p>
5)Dual independent air flow volume adjustment锛?/p>
6)Dual self-adapting NPN/PNP switch sensor interfaces锛?/p>
7)Dual push-pull type 24V/400mA DC output锛?/p>
8)Comprehensive protection functions including undervoltage, overvoltage, inverse wiring, overcurrent and short-circuit protections锛?/p>
9)Parameter group quick switch锛?/p>
10)Input-output matrix combination and complex logical relation setting锛?/p>
11)Input-output timing sequence definable output mode selection锛?/p>
12)Independent parameter reset functions help to avoid resetting all parameters锛?/p>
13)Built-in air valve action counting function helps you evaluate the lifetime of the valves锛?/p>
14)Dual anti-jamming capability allows two fibers to work together in close proximity锛?/p>
15)The built-in ability to learn the distribution of material characteristics can significantly improve the reliability of feeding parts sorting.
Dimensions &Weight
1)Dimensions锛?12*56*94.4 (L*W*H,mm)
2)Weight锛?86g锛坵ithout accessory锛?/p>
Standard Accessories
1)24V Power Cable锛?m锛?1
2)Reflective Sensing Fiber锛?m锛?1
3)Output Air Tube锛?m锛?1
Optional Accessory
1)Fiber Mounting Bracket
2)Fiber Cutter
3)Focus Mirror
Technical Data
Input DC Voltage222426VNote 1
Output DC Current----400mANote 2
NPN Output Residual Voltage----1.0V400mA
PNP Output Residual Voltage----1.5V400mA
Response Time20100--msWhen air pressure is 5 bar
Air Valve Blowing Time Unit10----ms
Flow Regulation Range0--20L/min
Digital Photoelectric Gain--7.8x105--No UnitNote 3
Digital Photoelectric Resolution--1024:1--No Unit
Standby Power----1.2WNote 4
Applicable Fiber Diameter2.12.22.3mm
Input Air Pressure Range--57BarNote 5
Input Air Pipe Outer Diameter--6--mm
Output Air Pipe Outer Diameter--4--mm
Anti-sunlight Interference----50000Lux
Anti-incandescent Interference----30000LuxNote 6
Ambient Temperature02545鈩?/p>No condensation
Ambient Humidity106085%
Storage Temperature-402585鈩?/p>
Note 1: If input power exceeds 30 V, display screen will go out to protect the controller. Max input voltage must not exceed 36 V.
Note 2: Do not connect to capacitive load.
Note 3: The digital photoelectric gain is defined as the product of the average power of the emitted light and the receiving sensitivity. Diameter of the optical sensor core is 0.5mm.
Note 4: Standby Power is the power consumption when the internal solenoid valves are not operating.
Note 5: The maximum air supply pressure must not exceed 10 Bar when the controller is not powered.
Note 6: Do not work under glare LED lighting.China Intelligent Optical Feeding Parts Sorting Controller