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This reserve division was recruited mainly from the Hanover area and was called up for active duty on August 26, 1939. It staff was the former Staff, Infantry Commander 19. Sent to the Saar area while Hitler overran Poland, the 71st first saw major action in France, where it distinguished itself at Sedan and in the advance to Verdun. It returned to Germany in October as part of the High Command’s reserve, and served as a training unit in the Königsbrück Troop Maneuver Area from then until March 1941. Sent to Russia in June 1941, the division fought in the drive on Kiev and suffered heavy losses. Rotated back to Belgium and France to rest and refit in November 1941, it returned to Stalino in southern Russia in the spring of 1942. Assigned to the 6th Army, the 71st Infantry Division fought at Kharkov and in the Battle of the Izyum Pocket in May, in the Battle of Voronezh in June and July, and in the Battle of the Kalach Pocket in August. It was trapped in the Stalingrad Pocket in November and was largely destroyed in the subsequent street fighting. The division commander, General von Hartmann was among those killed; in the last week of the battle he reportedly deliberately exposed himself to enemy fire, preferring death to a Siberian prison camp. Very few of his men survived Soviet captivity. 

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