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The 83rd Infantry was formed on December 1, 1939, in Troop Maneuver Area Bergen and consisted of reservists from northern Germany (Wehrkreise II, X, XI, and XX). It initial strength was 15,552 men. It fought in France in June 1940, and spent Christmas of 1940 at home on furlough. It remained in France on occupation duty throughout 1941 but was hurriedly transferred to the central sector of the Russian Front at the end of the year. Here it was split into several emergency combat groups and was not fully reunited under its own divisional headquarters for six months. It fought in the defensive battles of Army Group Center in 1942 and most of 1943 (including Velish, Veliki Luki, and Nevel) and was transferred to Army Group North in autumn 1943. By now, it was down to four grenadier battalions and the 251st and 277th Grenadier Regiments had been consolidated into the 547th Grenadier Regiment. Neither defensive battles, the retreat through the Baltic States, and the first of the six battles of the Courland Pocket, in which all Soviet attempts to crush Army Group North (later Courland) were repulsed. The veteran infantry division was transferred to the Vistula and ended the war on the Hela peninsula. It surrendered to the Russians in May 1945.

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The Fallschirm-Panzerkorps Hermann Göring was activated in early October 1944, and the Fallschirm-Panzergrenadier Division 2 Hermann Göring, along with its sister Panzer division, Hermann Göring Panzer Division, was transferred to the command of the…

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