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Original watercolor memorial granting Hitler honorary citizenship at Furstenfeld-Bruck.

As Hitler came to power in Germany and went through towns and cities in and around Germany like a modern day politician, it was not uncommon to find such places erect memorials, present awards, and create historically significant artifacts as pay homage and showing praise to their newly elected German Savior. What is uncommon however, is that a remarkable historical artifact like this made it through all these years. Although their is no way to determine how many of these kinds of city/town treasures were actually created, it is highly unlikely that you would ever find one on the market or quite possibly even in a museum.

As you can see, the painting is incredible and Donaubauer has done a wonderful job creating the scene for the momentous birth of the Third Reich. Further, his ability to set the stage and showcase such an infamous moment in Germany's significant history is easily demonstrated in the copious depictions of German culture. From the symbolic blonde haired child clutching the German flag while crushing the Russian Flag, the synonymous battleship in the background, or even the numerous subtle swastikas set around their lavish clothing attire, this piece is the epitome of Third Reich culture and heritage.  

Medium: Stencil and Watercolor on Wax Paper. 
Painting is preserved in a sealed archival document sleeve, with non-glare acrylic glass on the front.

Dimensions: 11" X 14"

Frame: 19 1/2" X 23 1/2", Modern gilded frame with matte and backing and wire hanger

I believe the translation of the foreground reads:

"Dedicated in gratefulness to the Victorious commander. President of the German Reich, unifier of all German tribes, by the municipality of Furstenfeld-Bruck on the occasion of his being made its honorary citizen. 28th May 1933."

The word "Tannenburg" and "30, Januar 1933" on the scroll above, refers to the victorious Battle of Tannenburg in 1914 (which was inseparably linked with Hindenburg's Name) and the Nazi seizure of power in 1933.

Furstenfeldbruck (the official spelling since 1908, but the hyphenated version is still sometimes seen today) is a town in Upper Bavaria, located some 25 kilometers away from Munich. Reichsprasident von Hindenburg, Reichskanzler Hitler and Reichsstatthalter von Epp were all made honorary citizens of Furstenfeldbruck in 1933.

Artist: Wilhelm Donaubauer

The Bavarian Artist Wilhelm Donaubauer was born in Ingolstadt in 1886 and died in Furstenfeldbruck in 1949. He painted mainly landscapes in Upper Bavaria. Donaubauer studied painting, architecture and art history at the Munich Art Academy under G. von Seidl. Among other things, he was a founding member of the Furstenfeldbruck artist's association and designed the local memorial for Furstenfeldbruck's elevation the status in 1935. Yet his biological details are not researched.

This item is being offered from my personal collection. I might be willing to entertain best offers or if you have any visor caps your interested in parting with I might consider a trade for.

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