Price : $220.00 Jeff Worthington

NOTE: All inert and cannot be made live. Assortment of Russian/Afghan/Iraqi original ordnance.  I include notation about Afghan/Iraqi as the items have been in use by those militaries for several years.

Items as follows: Two POM butterfly mines, type that would be used in racks to make IED's. One repainted RGD 5 grenade sleeve, WW2 issue. One "toe popper" trainer, brown bakelight cover, Russian trainer used to simulate US issued one.  These were designed as a pressure sensitive small mine to create diversion and/or create non-lethal injury. 

Two mine fuses with following info: Russian inert mine fuse, very hard to come by, complete markings and pin mechanism. Made of brown bakelight, excellent condition. 

Russian Inert AP mine, green color, excellent condition, side drill hole to make inert/deactivate. These were used to escape metal detection, pressure "criss cross" on top for spring detonation. Russian variant of the bouncing betty but a blast detonation, not frag/ball bearing dispersal.

Very hard to come by for ordnance pieces.  Paypal only, prefer friends and family or add 4% to total. US Shipping only. Shipping appx. 7-10 (?), depending on shipping method (first class or priority), PM me for exact quote and how you want it shipped.         

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